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Comparison Of Concrete House Stumps And Steel House Stumps

steel posts

When it comes to construction there are always different approaches that can be used depending on the landscape available for the building. Usually, the situation gets tougher when there is renovating or replacing the part of the existing building that was built with the traditional construction Methods. In Australia, the regions like Queensland or Brisbane some houses have been made with house stumps. The house stumps allow to give elevation to the structure and it can be built above the ground which will be helpful in many cases to avoid any natural calamity. The use of house terms has been a traditional method of construction in many areas of the world and it is still workable in Australia because all many of the houses that are still present are made with the help of house stumps. Whenever a new building is constructed, there is a choice a builder has to make that which material to be used in the house stumps. 

now the most common material that had been used for the house terms are steel or concrete. timber has also been a popular material for the making of house stumps. But using steel for house stumps can be the safest choice because of its durability and strength. Also, the replacement of steel house stumps is considerably quicker and easier as compared to concrete. here we will be making a comparison that which material will be preferable for house stumps out of steel and concrete.  

  1. Cost: the first reason that people prefer concrete stumps as they are considerably lower than steel stumps. even when you are in the process of replacement of steel house stumps still people transfer to the concrete option as they might be short of budget. But if you need more strength and neatness in the job then steel house stumps can be the right option and if you have an ample budget then opting for steel stumps can be a good choice. 
  2. Life: Usually concrete and steel stumps have a long life. as compared to timber storms both of these materials have a considerably very long life. concrete stumps can last for 15 to 20 years whereas steel stumps can go for 30 years. In concrete stumps, track start appearing and after a while, they need to be replaced otherwise their strength integrity reduces. In steel stumps, the steel posts are used which are having higher tensile strength but steel posts are susceptible to rust. 

Installation: the steel stumps are usually just a steel pose that can be installed on the ground whereas the concrete storms are made with the help of steel enforced in the concrete. the installation of steel stumps is easier than concrete stumps and also the maintainers of the steel stumps are lesser than concrete.