All You Need To Know About Specialist Knee Joint Surgeon

Every organ and every part of a human body has its own importance and functionality. God has made man’s body in quite intricate and artistic form in which every part is interlinked with another. Each and every portion of a body is inter-dependent on anotherbe it organ system, nervous system or skeleton system. Skeleton system is mainly compromised of bones and joints, both of which are maintaing the stability and movement of our body. Joints are one of the most significant parts of our body which plays an important role in allowing the bones to move. They not only connect the bones but also restrain any kind of friction between them. In this article, we will be discussing about knee joint surgery and trusted specialist knee joint surgeon.

Knee joint:

Joint as we know is that structure of a human body which connects two or more than two Skelton bones. Joints differ from each other on the basis of their functionality and composition. If we classify them on the basis of composition then there are three types of joints known as cartilaginous joint, fibrous joint and synovial joints. Similarly, if we divide joints on the basis of their functionality then those would be synarthroses, amphiarthroses and diarthroses. Knee joint comes under the category of synovial joint which is composed of three functional compartments. 

Knee joint is one of the largest and most complex joint of a body. It is the modified form of hinge joint which is formed between three bones; femur bone, tibia bone and patella bone.These joints not only helps in the movements like sitting, standing, walking, running but also provides stability to the whole body weight.

Knee joint disorders and surgery:

Knee joint can suffer from pain, swelling and stiffness due to various reasons. Knee joint surgeon tries to treat knee first by medication but if the pain retains then operation has to be done.Basically, there are four types of knee joint surgery or knee replacement surgery. These four types are; total knee replacement surgery, partial knee replacement Melbourne, knee cap surgery and complex knee joint surgery. It takes some time to completely recover to original condition after surgery but once it is done person ca go back to his daily routine. Knee joint surgeons are the professionals who have specialized in the skeleton system of a human body and know to diagnose, treat or operate any kind of bone disorder.


Joint is the part of a body which connects two or more than two bones. It not only allows the skeleton system to move but also protects bones from building friction. Knee joint is one of the most important joint of a body which allows mobility and stability to the leg. Specialist knee joint surgeon first analyses the disorder, then tries to cure it through medication and finally opts for knee joint surgery. “David slattery” provides the best and most professional orthopedic services.